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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

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Small Meeting


Business Discovery

phase I

Our team will schedule an initial visit to meet with key people in your organization to better understand your business and the challenges and opportunities that you would like us to focus on.  We will also ask to meet with the team that will be providing the data sets so we can develop the data specification request appropriately.  For smaller organizations we can explore the feasibility of conducting the data extraction ourselves.


As an independent, boutique technology and finance consulting firm, we are able to bring an objective expertise and mindset to every project to help deliver results that benefit our clients first and foremost.

Cloud, Data & Digital

Finance + M&A

Human Capital

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Data Exploration

phase II

With an understanding of the areas we need to focus on, we will analyze and explore the data using techniques and tools best suited to the engagement.  We may start by writing code to explore data quality and normalization before beginning data modeling or development of analytical routines. 

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Video Conference
Video Conference
Initial Checkpoint

phase III

After initial work with your data , we will schedule a remote or in-person (if you prefer) session to present some early results.  This will help ensure we both feel that we are on the right track.  Our team's primary focus is on the contextualization of the data within the business and its activities. 

phase IV
Our team will schedule an onsite visit to share the results of our analysis when it is ready.  The presentation will  blend quantitative data and visualizations to convey the data story, with an emphasis on insights with potential financial, operational, or strategic impact.  The meeting will be interactive as the team presents and discusses its findings.
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Our team brings deep business, technical, and financial experience to search for insights to help our clients to grow and operate more effectively and efficiently.  

Contact us to start a discussion, we scope projects to meet your budget and timeline.

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