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Digital transformation is changing our global economy at an astonishing rate, from seemingly limitless amounts of data for businesses to analyze about everything ranging from customer purchasing patterns to supply chain performance, to a constant stream of new apps and devices that are introduced as a result of a global innovation chain spanning from Shenzhen to Silicon Valley.

Mid-market and small businesses have an opportunity today to implement and use technologies that previously were the domain of major corporations.  For all but the largest companies, a large team of engineers to build a server farm or a large group of developers to develop an in-house app customized to the particular needs of a business are no longer needed.  Cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce provide even the smallest of companies an innovation engine upon which customized low-code solutions to solve business challenges can be built.   Microsoft Azure allows companies of all sizes to stand up a data warehouse in the cloud to address business needs such as analyzing long running time series data to establish customer lifetime value (CLV) or optimize pricing for a set of products to maximize revenue.  With each new year the list of available SaaS, PaaS, and other "as a Service" offerings continues to grow and evolve.

Our team understands business and will bring significant knowledge and experience to each technology project.  We are here to help your organization on the digital transformation journey and get your business moving into the future.​ These are exciting times for companies of all sizes.


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As an independent, boutique technology and finance consulting firm, we are able to bring an objective expertise and mindset to every project to help deliver results that benefit our clients first and foremost.

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"SMB leaders are more and more recognizing that information technology is either an opportunity for competitive advantage or a threat. "

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