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"One important impact a business leader can have is helping shape the next generation.  Equally important is allowing ourselves to be inspired by their fresh perspective. "

Shannon Hall, Co-founder


As an independent, boutique technology and finance consulting firm, we are able to bring an objective expertise and mindset to every project to help deliver results that benefit our clients first and foremost.

Cloud, Data & Digital

Finance + M&A

Human Capital

  • The Intern program is led by our co-founders.

  • Each intern will be assigned a designated mentor.  The mentor will provide training on various business topics as well as general career advice.

  • For each intern, goals and workloads will be established.

  • FinTechTX is committed to the development of each intern.  Communication will provide dynamic feedback in a relaxed environment that promotes professional growth.

  • FinTechTX will foster strong intern relationships and maintain network connections with interns for future opportunities.

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