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Aviation ERP Software

Aviation companies have a unique set of business needs that include specific regulatory and industry-related requirements from governing bodies such as the FAA and EASA and industry groups such as ASA. While companies in the aviation and aerospace market are adept at responding to customers and the market, they often do so with antiquated tools and practices.

Specialized Aviation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is available to help companies of all sizes, from the small team selling certified after-market parts to the growing mid-size MRO shipping repaired components across the globe to a customer base ranging from major airlines to fleet operators.

As an experienced partner and officially authorized Component Control Quantum Solution Provider, FinTechTX Consulting can help your company implement an ERP solution tailored to help meet the needs of your business and which will form the digital foundation around which growth and expansion can take place. We can design and implement the technology and data ecosystem around your ERP platform - from data and business intelligence to digitization of documents and business process re-engineering and alignment.

Quantum Control version 12 can provide a variety of functions based on a rich set of ERP modules to facilitate key business need such as:

  • Managing complex supply chain and inventory operations

    • Tracking the movement of parts and materials across Warehouses & Locations

    • Coordinating with supply chain partners to ensure timely delivery of stock and shipment to customers

    • Setting replenishment thresholds and forecasting material needs

  • Managing maintenance operations and tracking the performance of part and component repairs

  • Quick quoting and rapid conversion to Sales Orders to maximize revenue generation

  • Complying with FAA, EASA, and aviation industry regulations

  • Digitizing paper to move towards being an electronic workplace

  • Managing financial operations, including Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Analyzing data to support decision-making and improve operational efficiency

Quantum Control, as an aviation ERP system, is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of aviation / aerospace companies to help manage and optimize business operations. It is important that you develop and choose a solid implementation strategy and partner.

Contact us today to discuss how our FinTechTX team can help your company implement Quantum or get more from your existing Quantum ERP implementation.

New Quantum ERP system implementation consulting on-premise or in the cloud
Implementation of new modules such as Accounting, Manufacturing, and Document Imaging
Business Consulting from experienced technology, finance, and operations leaders
User interface (UI) customization such as streamlined screens and fields to meet your company's needs
Business process mapping and process re-engineering / alignment with new Quantum implementations or modules, or taking a fresh look at existing implementations and business processes to improve flow, alignment and employee productivity
Developing and building a rich ecosystem around the ERP platform such as data digitization and business intelligence
Managing financial operations through ERP Accounting module to help improve financial operations and reporting


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